Service & Repair

Please email your name, address, telephone number, machine brand and model number.

We will reply with our arrival and collection procedures.

All machines must be booked in by email before arriving into store.

We provide servicing and repairs to all makes of sewing machines and overlockers.

All our servicing is done in store by manufacture trained engineers

We do not sub-contract any machines to outside engineers.


If you have a problem with a machine, we are happy to look at the machine at the counter to see if we can rectify the problem for a small charge. If we can’t get the machine stitching correctly at the counter then we would suggest that the machine needs to go through to servicing. During servicing if we find a machine needs a part we would call you before we order the part to advise if it is available and the cost.


Basic Sewing Machines

If you have a basic sewing machine with dials and levers to select stitches etc, we will require the following items to service the machine:

a bobbin, bobbin case, normal zigzag foot, buttonhole foot, thread holders, power cable, foot control and stitch cams if your machine has them. We do not need anything else.


Computerised Sewing Machines

If you have a computerised machine or a machine with push buttons you will need to provide us with the above items along with the decorative stitch foot.


Embroidery Only Machines

If you would like an embroidery only machine serviced we will require the following:

Power cable, embroidery designs, largest and smallest embroidery hoops, embroidery foot, thread holders and a bobbin.

It is also a good idea to let us see your embroidery backing, bobbin thread and embroidery threads as these items can help diagnose problems.


Sewing & Embroidery Machines

If you have a machine that does embroidery and sewing we will require all of the above mentioned items.


Basic Overlockers

To service a basic overlocker we will require the power cable, foot control, standard overlocking foot, thread holders (disk and cone inserts), threads, items to sew a 3 thread rolled edge.



To service an overlocker with the cover stitch facility we will require the above overlocking items along with all the cover stitching accessories.


For more information please call 01904 626244, we will be happy to help. To ensure prompt service, please try to speak to a member of staff rather than leaving a message on the answerphone.


We are open Monday to Saturday 9.30am to 5.15pm.


We provide new parts and accessories for most makes of machines. If you have an old machine and require a part that is no longer manufactured we may have a second hand part in stock. It is always worth asking. Sometimes it may not be cost effective to fix a machine. In this case the purchase of a new machine would be advised.




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